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The Sunday Funday

Do you know who Trinity River Distillery’s favorite post-hardcore rock band is? Taking Back Sunday. Not because of their music – but because their name is an accurate description of our movement to bring back Sunday Funday.

What happened to Sunday? Notable source defines Sunday Funday as “The glorious holiday at the end of every week to celebrate the close of a long and tiring six days.” (That was the most appropriate definition we could find, at least.)

In a world of social constructs, we’ve labeled Saturday as the part of the weekend to enjoy and Sunday as the part to struggle through. Which is why Trinity River Distillery wants to open minds to the fact that the only real difference between Saturday and Sunday is just a few letters.

Joining our movement is simple, all you have to do is spend your Sunday drinking hand-crafted cocktails, watching football, playing cornhole on a giant outdoor patio, and even taking a distillery tour. Now you may wonder, “I’d love to join the movement, but how does a Fort Worthian do all of those in one day?”

You’re in luck! We’ve decided to open our doors on Sunday because we are so dedicated to helping this cause. Join Trinity River Distillery to wrap up your weekend and help us bring Sunday Funday back to Fort Worth.

Why rainwater?

If you’ve listened to any country radio in the past decade, you must be familiar with this advanced scientific theory – perhaps derived from Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton’s findings?

“Rain makes corn; corn makes whiskey.” -Luke Bryan, Ph.D

Yes, our Texas Silver Star Whiskey and Texas Silver Star Honey Whiskey are both distilled from corn, like most American whiskey is. But to set our whiskey apart from the others, we had to listen even more closely to the thesis of Nobel Peace Prize finalist Luke Bryan. That’s why we took it one step further and distilled ours with rainwater. We’re not talking just any rainwater, we’re talking Texas rainwater, collected on-site at the distillery.
Now one might ask: Why rainwater?
We don’t want you to taste water, we want you to taste the robust flavors and aromas that our Silver Star whiskeys offer. You wouldn’t want to burn the flavor out of a fine cut filet mignon steak, so why would you want to drown your spirit’s taste out with regular water? Rain that’s fresh out of the clouds is the purest form of water the world has to offer. Because we don’t cut corners, we also use a process called reverse osmosis to filter out any unwanted molecules to ensure you the smooth, silky taste in every bottle that Trinity River Distillery is known for.

Fall Cocktails To Get You Through The Changing Seasons

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling, and summer is over, but just because we’re transitioning into fall doesn’t mean we can’t find an excuse to keep the drinks flowing!
While our array of Silver Star spirits can still be enjoyed in a light summer cocktail, the robust flavors and aromas of Texas Silver Star Whiskey is just what you need to create the perfect fall beverage. Combining dark whiskey, seasonal fruits, and warm spices, these three fall cocktails are sure to bring the comforting feeling of the season straight to your glass.

1) Silver Star Old-Fashioned 

Our Silver Star Whiskey is known for its aromas of caramel, delicate spice, and vanilla cream, making it the perfect liquor for any fall cocktail. Served in a classic old-fashioned glass, this seasonal drink captures the autumnal flavors of zesty orange and spicy bitters. We think Don Draper would approve.

2) Cranberry Cooler

This one can be enjoyed year round, folks. The tangy, sweet taste of cranberry (a classic Thanksgiving side dish) becomes a key ingredient in this fall cocktail. Paired with Silver Star Whiskey, triple sec, and sweet ‘n’ sour, this drink creates the perfect blend of sweet and bitter flavors, and the cranberry will take you right to your place at the Thanksgiving table.

3) Texas Honey Mule 

Let’s be honest, a mule is a go-to drink for many year-round, but the spicy flavor of ginger beer mixed with our full-bodied Texas Silver Star Honey liqueur creates a cocktail that is bursting with seasonal fall flavors. So don’t let the changing seasons stop you from ordering this delicious classic.

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving festivities or enjoying a brisk fall evening, Trinity River Distillery has your fall cocktail needs covered.  Cheers to our favorite season!