About TRD

Trinity River Distillery® (TRD) was founded in 2011 by U.S. Navy veterans, Don and Ben Alexander. Soon after formation, Mark Lusignan joined the duo. Together, the team began developing the company's product portfolio.

Thomas Neely is TRD's President & CEO. With over twenty years in the alcohol industry, Thomas has experience as a retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer.

Kirk Richards, is TRD's Head Distiller & Director of Operations. Kirk has many years in the distilled spirits industry as a distiller and TRD is truly blessed to have someone with his skill and talents.

Dillon Swingle is TRD's Production Manager and runs day-to-day production duties and is an integral part of TRD.

Our sales team consists of Brittany Agbor, Alicia "AP" Pennington and Stephanie Reaves.

​Our distillery calls the Texas landmark, Ranch Style Beans Plant, home. The building, built in 1913, is an historic landmark located just southeast of downtown Fort Worth in close proximity to the Trinity River. TRD has an elaborate rain harvesting system and two 13,000 gallon stainless steel storage tanks. All TRD products are made using filtered TEXAS RAINWATER.

Our Staff

Thomas Neely - President & CEO

Kirk Richards - Head Distiller & Director of Operations
Dillon Swingle - Production Manager

Karole Hardwick - Bar & Venue Manager
Email: Karole@SilverStarwhiskey.com

Alicia "AP" Pennington - On-Premise Manager - North Texas
Email: Alicia@SilverStarWhiskey.com

Brittany Agbor - On/Off-Premise Manager - Houston
Email: Brittany@SilverStarWhiskey.com

Stephanie Reaves - On-Premise Manager - North Texas
Email: Stephanie@SilverStarWhiskey.com

Mark Lusignan - Co-Owner / Sales
Email: Mark@SilverStarWhiskey.com

​Ben Alexander - Founder / Co-Owner / Sales
Email: Ben@SilverStarWhiskey.com

​Don Alexander - Founder / Co-Owner / Sales
Email: Don@SilverStarWhiskey.com